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  The First 24 Hours
  • Reduce exposure to heat
    (i.e sunbeds, saunas)

  • Avoid immersing your hands
    in hot water for a length of time 
    (i.e swimming, long soaks in the bath)


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Treatment Base Coats
  • Volcanic Base
    - Strengthens soft nails    

  • Vitamin Dose
    - Nourishes nails  


  • OxyCoat Base
    - Revitalise & moisturises nails

  • Lavender Base
    - Works wonders on sore dry, flaky/brittle nails

  • Seaweed Calcium Base
    - Repairs & supports brittle nails


  Caring for your Gel Manicure
  • Wear gloves whilst washing up, housework and gardening Be careful when using insect repellents and sun lotions.

  • Wipe clean after application.

  • Moisturise your hands and nails daily.

  • We love our Hand Cream, Body Butter and Almond Oil. If you are always on the go then our cuticle Cream is for you.


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